eternal-life-endless-torture whispered: Darius, Draven and Urgot(M!A on aswell)


"I’d dominate Darius. I think he could withstand the roughness."

"I’d slap Draven. I’m tired of all the shit he does, and I’m sure it would feel so good to do it.”

"I’ll maim Urgot….if he’s even able to be maimed any further than he is now."

"Like hell you will."

ask-the-starchild whispered: No more ADCarries to boss me around? I'm so ha- *voice breaks* ahem, hap *coughs* happ *coughing fit* sad :c


// you adorable little babe

"I’ll be glad to boss you around, sweetheart." 

noxian-bounty-hunter whispered: "Champion Sivir, I'm looking for a man named Luke. He wears Noxian style armor, red sahs around his waist, a clawed gauntlet, and one of his shoulder plates has a skull painted on it. You seen him?"


"Not in any distant memory of mine. Those with red sashes live west from here…but they aren’t Noxian. Anyone with that sort of armor would stick out like a sore thumb in the desert."

"Luke? I fuckin’ know him… You here to kill him? Because I’ll take you to him if you are."

ionian-storm whispered: 27, 29, 30

27. Favorite song?

//Uh… Let’s go with Applause.

29. Favorite movie?

//The WIld Hunt or Ironclad

30. Favorite foreign food?

//… Does Pasta count?

//Rewatching Indiana Jones makes me want to play Ezreal… Almost.