Anonymous whispered: Kidnapping/Abduction

Name a type of crime and my muse will admit if they’ve ever been a victim of it, witnessed it, or committed it.

"Kidnapping? All the time. How do you think Noxus has such a devoted military? Snag ‘em when they’re young and mold their minds."

//Hello, spardastrueson. Or should I say…

NUMBER 1000???

Ight. I’m gonna write up a big long thing today for a giveaway. Hopefully I’m still at 1k when I get home lol

//998… Wonder who my 1000 will be :o



//I love how I have like 8 word docs open full of Yi stories.

I feel like Ram Steed or something.

Digging up the dirt on Yi.

//But Ram Steed doesn’t do any legitimate journalism.

That makes you superior to him in every way.//

//Excuse you. I put a shit ton of work into each one of those articles and got jack shit in return from the community. The majority of them were based off of interviews I role played with other blogs. How fucking dare you say I didn’t do legitimate journalism.



"… Why?"


"Cuz of all the Pixie Dust!" 

"I’m going to kill you."



"I wanna tell a joke! Why do faeries clean their house all the time?"

"… Why?"

ask-a-trustworthy-weather-woman whispered: ((Already know you love her, I bet you could play a good Fiora.))

//Oh shit, I did reblog that prompt, didn’t I?

Hm… Well, I larp and my persona (who is essentially me) is Etherenzi Vivaldi di Venezia Lingua d’Argento. Extremely long story short: He’s an Italian nobleman’s son who ect ect fencing ect ect super fucking long story that no one wants to hear because the parts I’ve written out are about 20 pages and that’s only maybe 1/8th of my backstory. 

WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS: I can see it. Etherenzi is a cocky little shit who can best anyone in fencing (I totes can ;) Got a few years of period fencing under my belt).

Is there a muse you’d really love to see me play?

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