Anonymous whispered: Okay so I have to ask, how did you figure out you could deep throat?

//I’m a show-off. Someone was probably like ‘Look, no gag reflex’ and I was probably like ‘… I can do that too’. And I did. I dno. Do you know how many things I’ve shoved down my throat? And you expect me to remember the first time? :v

Anonymous whispered: I have a 10 inch dick

//Good thing I can deep throat. Get over here, you.

Edit: I… I actually can. Which is the sad part. I’m sorry I’m wasting this valuable gift by being straight.
Anonymous whispered: 18 female 5'6" rather curvy, brunette, blue eyes. Into cosplay, gaming and quiet time. I like making cosplays from scratch, and can be quite the great little artist. I like doing things with my hands such as drawing, cooking, playing instruments etc etc. I spend a lot of time in theatrical performances and take a lot of pride in my acting skill. (For mun)

//……. Possibly. As long and I can use you for cookies and cosplay.


pros to dating me:

  • i’ll actually respond to ur text
  • u can literally kiss me whenever u want (esp random neck kisses like yes please)
  • we can hold hands
  • butt touches
  • cuddles? ? ? yes good
  • i’ll play with your hair or vise versa
  • u don’t have to worry about me liking other people bc i’m annoyed by almost everyone
  • smooches

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Describe yourself on anon and I will say if I would date you

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//Finished my professional resume presentation (winged the whole thing, pretty sure I did decent enough). While I was walking back to my chair I added onto my skills and experience list and muttered just a bit too loud “and I can wear heels no problem.”

Apparently the class heard me. Whoops.