//Ughhhhh. I’m still kinda swooning over the cinematic. Like. Draven is perfection, of course. But I’ve come to realize that I’m just about 100% Draven. I’m not sure if I’ve grown up and matured into Draven naturally or if roleplaying him has caused me to start acting like him more often but… I… Just am Draven…

//I like how Darius gets charmed and Draven looks at Darius like “Uh… I dno. Can I take her solo? Can we take her? It wear off yet? Alright, cool. Let’s go.”

Anonymous whispered: So after the cinematic ends, you ulted and got a triple kill, right?

"Dumbasses were low didn’t back. 360 no scope fgt."



//I love how people now ship Ahri and Leona when all they did was DO THEIR FUCKING JOB WORKING AS CHAMPIONS FOR THE MOTHER FUCKING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

// seriously. so annoying.

// http://ram-steed-reports.tumblr.com/post/92571608966/lesbian-lovers-long-love-affair-the-eye-inside-with

I heard something about Leona…

sinisterbladekatarina whispered: "The plan was good until Graves came in don't you think." (referring to the cinema)





"Graves is a little bitch. He didn’t do shit but blind Me for a second. By the way. How’s that head, sweetheart?"

"Better. How about your…whatever Rengar did to you."

"Well considering My intestines were ripped out, I’m doing well. Thanks for peeling for Me…"

"Eh, no big deal. Gotta get some kills for the team. Someone’s gotta carry us."

"Best bait 8/8."

Anonymous whispered: Yesssss, I can break out the cat puns! Ahem...What's wrong Draven? Cat got your tongue? I would say that that fight went well for you, but I'd be lion. Perhaps we should paws and think about what went wrong in that teamfight. I'm not kitten you right meow. Despite everything, Draven, you're still purrrrrfect. Just a shame Graves managed to smoke you out. Yes! Included a smoke joke too! I am the best!

zulidoodles covered what I have to say.

Anonymous whispered: Draven died as he lived, flat on his back and smothered in pussy.

"Couldn’t have asked for a bette death."

Anonymous whispered: I'm glad you're not letting the assholes get to you with all those rude asks I've seen. They'll be screaming for nerfs when they face a decent Draven in-game.

"Exactly. Give Me an actual support instead of that bitch Zyra."